Marketing Services

Site Audits and Evaluation

KreateSmart combines a unique process of evaluating your online business from Marketing, Financial and Technology prospective and delivers a comprehensive strategic report including a road map to implementing changes toward success.

Smart Business Analytics

We will develop a comprehensive platform to empower your management with real time, end-to-end insight of your online performance and ROI. Our service will ensure that management has all the key metrics on a mobile dashboard and the ability to act in real-time.

Content Building and Marketing

KreateSmart targeted content marketing services are focused toward building consumer awareness, education, and trust that will leads customer to have genuine interest in your products and services.

Search Marketing

KreateSmart search marketing solutions are designed to analytically target the specific market segments on a large number of global platforms, and deliver the customer to you at lowest possible cost with highest possible conversion rate. In addition, create a brand visibility and loyalty via optimized customer experience.

Social Media

KreateSmart social media solutions builds brand identity, increase conversations, and engage consumers; resulting in customer acquisition and retention.

Digital Direct Mail

KreateSmart digital email solutions delivers unique engaging content, optimized delivery, and high conversion rates. The focus is to create brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Local Media

Reach consumers via effective local media, news channels and directories and build brand awareness in local markets.
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