E-commerce Solutions

Every visitor to your E-commerce site must carry the

Experience – Simplicity – Satisfaction

And in return you must gain

A Loyal customer, Highest conversion rates and Maximum returns.

In the long run, winning the E-commerce landscape is not about prices or technology, it’s about valuing and servicing every visitor to your E-commerce site.

To pursue these goals, KreateSmart’s E-commerce solutions are designed by real business professionals with great experience and insight of consumer B2C and B2B markets in wide range of products and service industries. Our E-commerce Design inspire customer’s confidence and results in maximum conversion across all on desktop and mobile devices.

We deliver a professional web design that emulates virtual shopping experience and create confidence in visitors to complete the shopping process. Our E-commerce website are also fully optimized for mobile devices across all platforms, and designed for simplicity of shopping experience any screen.

We ensure that our E-commerce solutions are seamlessly integrated with your online marketing campaigns to deliver fluid transition of the visitor form Ad-copy to your website. This will significantly boost your conversion results and reduce bounce rate for – search marketing, SEO, display advertising, directory listings and other channels.

We rely on simplicity and flexibility, for rendering unique shopping experience. Customer re-engagement tools still are deployed at all critical points in shopping process. Real time Analytics will enable dynamic testing and decision making for how products/ services are placed and marketed on your site.

All our E-commerce platforms/solutions are scalable for future growth needs of your business. If you want to make changes to your site, you can make them yourself or simply ask us and we’ll do it for you.

Our in-depth SEO process for creating E-commerce business will significantly improve your business visibility across internet and search engines. We also create your visibility across Social Media sites and directories, thereby, increasing your brand exposure and customer loyalty.

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