Senior Living Search – Changing Trends

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Senior living search trends are shifting:

New data from Google can convey providers of senior housing providers a lot about how to market to both baby boomers and their parents. Around 75% of baby boomers go online to look up for information on senior living.

When it comes to moving into senior living, the adult children of seniors are often be the main decision makers. As opposed to their parents, baby boomers have been gradually adopting technology in recent years. As more and more information are available freely on the internet; customers nowadays are armed with a much higher level of awareness and knowledge regarding the options that are available on senior housing. Moreover, almost every customer who are doing their research online, begin their internet journey on Google. Therefore, healthcare providers should have been conscious of the importance of having a strong online presence; so that their business can be visible to prospective customers. (More and more customers go online to search for Senior Living facilities and its available options as the trend shifts; is your facility visible to your potential customers?)

It is also important to understand the behavior of both baby boomers and their parents when they do their research on senior living.

The Google survey found that when baby boomers are researching senior living for their loved one, they pay extra attention in medical services and care types. Most of them use keywords such as skilled nursing and assisted living communities. However, when they are searching senior living for themselves, they tend to look for independent living and community/lifestyle features.
Millennials might think baby boomers are technologically challenged. However, survey that has been done by Google suggests otherwise. This shows the importance of having relevant keywords of what your audience is typing into their search engine and also being visible on search engine to your audience.

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