FIVE Important things for online marketing strategy in Healthcare Industry

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Future of Marketing in Healthcare Industry:

How do you reach your potential customers and stay relevant in the ever changing health care industry?

5 Important things to keep in mind as you plan your next online marketing strategy:

1. Mobile-Friendly Website is a must.
Approximately one-third of patients use their mobile devices and tablets to do research about their problems online and to schedule appointments. Therefore, it is vital to have a mobile friendly website these days. With so many patients spend their time on mobile devices; we can conclude that the easier your website to be accessed across every online platform, the more potential patients you will be able to reach. Moreover, as Google has changed its algorithm in 2015; having non mobile friendly website would weaken your online presence.

2. Provide useful content and less advertisements.
In order to produce an effective and useful content for your customers, it is important for you to first learn the types of information that your future customers are looking for; and where they are going online to get it. You have to also keep in mind that nobody goes online to exclusively search for advertisements, so you want to stay away from that.

3. Protect your online reputation.
As the trends are moving, customers are now using online platforms to share their experiences. This means that you, as the owner will have to be proactive in managing your online reputation. Keep your eyes on social media as well as review platforms such as Yelp and Healthgrades to keep up with what your customers like and dislike. By doing so, you will also learn how to better serve your customers which will eventually turn into positive reviews. Moreover, you may want to create your own social media campaigns if you liked to be in control of the information that is being shared.

4. SEO is important.
More and more people go online to research their choices on healthcare services providers. How else do your future customers find you if they cannot even see your website on search engines? By using the right keywords and search engine optimization, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website and perhaps bring more customers to your facility.

5. Build relevant content.
To keep you website high in search engine ranking it is important to continuously build and publish keyword rich content in form of articles, images, and video on you website and social media platforms.

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