Mobile App Development

Based on the well documented researches, Mobile devices now lead the desktop platforms in every user metrics across the board. Inevitably, businesses across every industry are also fiercely competing for their presence on mobile devices in order to expand their customer acquisition, brand building and revenue growth targeting mobile traffic via Mobile Apps.

As a small or medium business you may still be contemplating the need for a Mobile App.!! The most common question is – How does a small or local businesses can leverage Mobile app to improve sales?

Equally important is to understand the critical roles that a Responsive site and Mobile Apps are going to play into the future of your online customer acquisition strategy and business growth. Is one channel more important than the other? And how does these channels complement each other?

Does an app for your business or promotion or whatever the purpose may be, can be a game changer tool/channel to drive traffic and revenue today as well as in future?

Here’re some facts to help you understand the future online business.

  • According to a recent market study, 85% of consumer prefer mobile app to a mobile website.
  • Mobile app usage grew by 76% in 2014, and the average US consumers download on average 8.8 iOS and Android apps a month.
  • Growth of mobile phones is faster as compared to desktops and mobile pads.
  • People spend more time on mobile devices as they are fun, user friendly and easy to use.
  • Mobile app delivers seamless, instant and user friendly experience.
  • Customer can be reached anytime anywhere with push notification.
  • Young generation is most prolific and proficient user of mobile phones. Can you afford to miss that market segment?
  • While on move, people search for local business via their Mobile Devices.

Here’s how you benefit from mobile app

First and foremost, Mobile apps benefits your customer in every possible way and it gives them immense power to manage dynamic lifestyle. It helps them shop, make purchase, pay bills, organize, schedule and to connect to all important aspects of their daily life.


It creates a highly visible Apps (branded icon) that stays on user mobile device for free branding. People consider you as an efficient business for deploying mobile app to service its customer.

Stay in touch

Reach your customer anytime anywhere with push notification, customized promotions and offers. Mobile devices stays in user bags or pocket practically 24/7, allowing you to reach your customer any time in order to produces the best returns.

Ease of Use

Mobile devices deliver an amazing “ease of use” experience for users across all demographics.

Loyalty and referrals

Mobile app empowers your business by capturing customers proactively with an amazing experience and increased brand loyalty. Apps allows user to broadcast referrals to their friends and social media with a touch on the mobile devices.



KreateSmart has an expert team of developers to deliver custom mobile website and app for almost any business application. Our Mobile app solutions deliver an exciting range of advanced solutions to meet your specific business needs and goals.

Our extensive experience will provide the best in custom mobile development services.

No project is too small or too complex for us, and we guarantee full diligence and attention that you will receive from our design & development team. We will provide great solutions through a collaborative approach that delivers extraordinary results.

If you can imagine it, we can create it!


Alerts and Notification

CRM integration

E-commerce (in app purchase)


Custom App

Marketing and Promotions

Social Media integration

Database Integration



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