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Does my small facility needs a responsive and mobile friendly website?

You may think your small facility does not need a professional looking and mobile friendly website, at least not yet. However, if you take a look around your facility, you will quickly notice how many people are constantly on their smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices usage has been significantly increased throughout the years. Moreover, according to Search Engine Watch; 40% of searches on non-mobile-friendly website result in an action being taken within one hour. However, if the site is mobile-friendly, the number jumps into 70%. That said, it is crucial for you to have a responsive and mobile friendly website.

First Impressions Are Everything

We all know that we only get one chance to make a first impression, and we do not want to leave a bad one. While you want to keep your current patients satisfied with your responsive and mobile friendly website; for many people who are doing their initial research, your website presence plays a big role on how they will select your facility amongst the others.
Your Website Is the Reflection of Your Organization/Facility.

You might have done everything you can to ensure your quality of service, facility, and patient interactions. But you may have not even thought about the one thing that would actually set you apart from your competitors, before a patient even walks through your front door; it is your website. More and more businesses are having well-designed and mobile friendly websites; and consumers reckon and judge products as well as services based on the quality of the website. If you have a poor and old website, your patients may think that your service and facility would have the same quality as your website.

It Must Function Properly

A fully function website is filled with the most recent information, easy to navigate, and well-organized. As more and more people are using their mobile devices to access your website, it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices. An outdated website is not likely to read well on these devices and may interfere with the user’s experience. According to Google, the total number of mobile searches exceeded the number of desktop search in 2015. Even if your website looks good on the desktop side, does not mean it will automatically look good on mobile devices. When consumers are looking for your facility information on your website; and they find that your website does not fit into their screen or is hard to navigate; it will affect their experience a lot. This will then reflects your facility and may lose you your potential new customers.

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Senior Living Search – Changing Trends

Senior living search trends are shifting:

New data from Google can convey providers of senior housing providers a lot about how to market to both baby boomers and their parents. Around 75% of baby boomers go online to look up for information on senior living.

When it comes to moving into senior living, the adult children of seniors are often be the main decision makers. As opposed to their parents, baby boomers have been gradually adopting technology in recent years. As more and more information are available freely on the internet; customers nowadays are armed with a much higher level of awareness and knowledge regarding the options that are available on senior housing. Moreover, almost every customer who are doing their research online, begin their internet journey on Google. Therefore, healthcare providers should have been conscious of the importance of having a strong online presence; so that their business can be visible to prospective customers. (More and more customers go online to search for Senior Living facilities and its available options as the trend shifts; is your facility visible to your potential customers?)

It is also important to understand the behavior of both baby boomers and their parents when they do their research on senior living.

The Google survey found that when baby boomers are researching senior living for their loved one, they pay extra attention in medical services and care types. Most of them use keywords such as skilled nursing and assisted living communities. However, when they are searching senior living for themselves, they tend to look for independent living and community/lifestyle features.
Millennials might think baby boomers are technologically challenged. However, survey that has been done by Google suggests otherwise. This shows the importance of having relevant keywords of what your audience is typing into their search engine and also being visible on search engine to your audience.

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FIVE Important things for online marketing strategy in Healthcare Industry

Future of Marketing in Healthcare Industry:

How do you reach your potential customers and stay relevant in the ever changing health care industry?

5 Important things to keep in mind as you plan your next online marketing strategy:

1. Mobile-Friendly Website is a must.
Approximately one-third of patients use their mobile devices and tablets to do research about their problems online and to schedule appointments. Therefore, it is vital to have a mobile friendly website these days. With so many patients spend their time on mobile devices; we can conclude that the easier your website to be accessed across every online platform, the more potential patients you will be able to reach. Moreover, as Google has changed its algorithm in 2015; having non mobile friendly website would weaken your online presence.

2. Provide useful content and less advertisements.
In order to produce an effective and useful content for your customers, it is important for you to first learn the types of information that your future customers are looking for; and where they are going online to get it. You have to also keep in mind that nobody goes online to exclusively search for advertisements, so you want to stay away from that.

3. Protect your online reputation.
As the trends are moving, customers are now using online platforms to share their experiences. This means that you, as the owner will have to be proactive in managing your online reputation. Keep your eyes on social media as well as review platforms such as Yelp and Healthgrades to keep up with what your customers like and dislike. By doing so, you will also learn how to better serve your customers which will eventually turn into positive reviews. Moreover, you may want to create your own social media campaigns if you liked to be in control of the information that is being shared.

4. SEO is important.
More and more people go online to research their choices on healthcare services providers. How else do your future customers find you if they cannot even see your website on search engines? By using the right keywords and search engine optimization, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website and perhaps bring more customers to your facility.

5. Build relevant content.
To keep you website high in search engine ranking it is important to continuously build and publish keyword rich content in form of articles, images, and video on you website and social media platforms.

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SEO Ninja – Mastering SEO

The most important question for Small Businesses is how to stand out in Online Competition!

How can businesses improve search visibility, that is to improve the search engine results page (SERP) and at the same time reduce you depended on paid search SEM?

Here’s a quick plan to achieve that-

Select you target segment with great accuracy and define the keywords for long term competitive strategy

Create Responsive websites (be Mobile Friendly)

Set Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Goals for you SEM, SEO, Social Media campaigns.

Start with optimizing your Website for Meta Tags, H-tags, Schema, and Attributes.


  • Focus on targeted segment keyword at all place – content, tags, attributes

  •  Use location based keywords
  •  Avoid generic names and categories
  •  Proofread
  •  Don’t duplicate either your content or other’s content
  • Focus on readability, presentation, logic and clarity of content from user prospective.

  •  Avoid “Black Hat” tactics.
  •  Build XML sitemap and align this with robots.txt
  •  Use intuitive URL’s
  •  Hire SEO Experts to do this job as it can be very technical and extensive. SEO is both art and science!


  • Update Social media accounts proactively

  •  Create content with back links to your site
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Google Updated Search Algorithm for Mobile Sites

One of most intriguing puzzle of internet technologies of last two decades has been the “Google Search Algorithm”. With so much at stake for “SEARCH” based traffic, a vast amount of internet resources and technology are devoted, to unfold the Zen Secret to attain the higher Page Rank in Google search (SERP).

Even before one could come closer to the stage of enlightenment, Google comes out with updates of improved Search Algorithm, incorporating current trends in Internet, thus making even harder to achieve improved “SEO” and “SERP” results. Therefore, the race to Google enlightenment remains very elusive and extremely challenging, and the players of internet world, continue to dance on “ New Google Tunes”.

The next chapter of this story is announced by Google on April 21st, is an important milestone in Google Search Algorithm, letting us know that it will expanding use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. That is to say that mobile-friendliness will be now an important factor for Search ranking and will affect mobile searches across all languages worldwide.


As the number of mobile devices are catching with traditional desktop devices, several factors such as Speed and Relevance are the key for the search results. That explains why it is important to understand and adopt the revised Google algorithm to building SEO friendly websites that are responsive to all mobile devices and platform delivering better results.

So the key question for businesses is; How to build Mobile friendly site with improves visibility and higher search Ranking?

Here’re some Guidelines based on the extensive study by Google for Mobile Site Design that will awe your site visitors and deliver higher Conversions.

Understanding Mobile user: Goal Oriented, Speed, Quick decision making.

Home Page:

  •  Shorter and Clear Menu
  •  Quick access to home page from any place on site.
  •  Keep the message simple and overly promotional
  •  Call to Action must be prominently in displayed in front
E-commerce and Conversion (ROI):

  •  Empower user to Explore and Experience the offerings
  •  Allow to shop and purchase as guest
  •  Prefill checkout pages for Existing users
  •  Provide Support at key point in purchase process – such as Chat box, Click-to-Call
  •  Enable purchase for another time or devices, by creating Social Media bookmarks
Usability and From Factor:

  •  Design Responsive, mobile device and platform friendly websites
  •  Size should look normal and functions without the need to zoom or pinch.
  •  Reduce or eliminated multi windows.
  •  Explain the need for location information
Site Search:

  •  Search box be clearly visible
  •  Maintain the relevance of site results
  •  Possibly use filter for improved search result
  •  Call to Action must be prominently in displayed in front
Checkout Forms:

  •  Use Simple, Efficient, Flowing and convenient forms
  •  Use simplest entry method (Radio, dropdown, visual calendar, check box etc.)
  •  Real time entry validation, proper labeling and instructions to reduce errors
  • Point mobile ads appropriately to mobiles sites

  •  Test-test-test the site across various mobile devices
  •  Optimize page cache and reduce the frequent downloads of pages
  •  Analytics and conversion data must be implemented properly
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Top Sites:

eBizMBA Ranks various website based on a continually updated average of each website’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast.

Top Search Engines:

Google with 1,100,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors,  ranks as the tops search engine followed by Bins and Yahoo. Detailed ranking of other engines are ..

Most Popular SEO Websites:

Moz is ranked as number # 1 site with 4,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors, followed by SearchEngineland and SEObook. Detailed ranking of other sites are ..

Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites:

Facebook is ranked no. # 1 with 900,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors followed by Twitter and Pintesest. Detailed ranking of other sites are ..

Most Popular Code Sharing and Web Development Websites :

Stackoverflow with 25,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors is ranked as # 1, followed by Sourceforge and GoogleDevelopers.  Detailed ranking of other sites are ..

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Great Web Design

In the space of about 25 years (1980 to 2015), from the evolutionary stage akin to planet size;  ‘WWW’ is now a full blown expanding universe with billions of  galaxies and even more uncharted space.  In present age, significant portion of global population leads a lifestyle that is closely integrated with online world, so called ‘Internet’.   Be it the need for simple piece of information or any complex  business requirements,  no part of our daily life or business function can function normally without the interaction with Internet World.

While the expansion of internet universe has brought unimaginable opportunities, however, the clutter of this internet-universe space, makes it impossible for any individual or business to grow with a meaningful  presence and identity.  With majority of people shopping online, how can a small business to find their niche and generate business online? The internet has enabled businesses to market their products to a much wider audience and break the geographical barriers that were once in place.  Having a just a website may seem very convenient, but the ability and expertise to draw, engage, convert and retain your customer is like a journey to MARS.  Customer on internet are may steps ahead in research , comparison and quick decision making to make purchases online.

Whilst it is essential to have a website for your business, any old website will simply not do the job. As consumers we are a lot savvier than we used to be and have higher expectations of what businesses should provide us with online. Great web design is the key to creating a professional website for your business that will enable you to compete on a higher level.

Importance of great web design

Like with everything in life, first impressions are crucial to success. The design of your website needs to reflect your company’s identity and everything you stand for. Your branding should be consistent with the other marketing materials you use. Consumers will decide whether they want to carry on looking at a website within a matter of seconds, so it is important to have a well-designed website that will capture their attention and keep them interested.

When you are looking for particular information on a website it can be extremely frustrating when it is hard to find. Users want to be able to access the information they need with ease. Your website should have simple navigation and quality content that is relevant and concise. It is essential that your website is designed to persuade the customers to do what you want them to, whether this is purchasing a product from you, signing up to your newsletter, or simply accessing information.

Whilst a lot of thought should be put into the design of your website, its functional qualities are also extremely important. It is essential that your website is compatible with all browsers, smart phones and tablets as it increases your opportunity of gaining sales. If a customer cannot access your website easily from their device, they will simply purchase from another business that can meet their needs and requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

Investing in a high quality design for your website is an excellent idea, but unfortunately it will be a waste of money if you do not optimize your website and make it visible to consumers. Search engine optimization is something that all business owners should be aware of. It is essential to perform keyword research in order to find popular search queries that are related to the products you sell or services you provide. Once you have identified the keywords you will need to embed them into your website content, including product descriptions, blog posts, image descriptions and even URLs.

Over time search engines will rank your website accordingly. The better your SEO is the higher up search engine results you will appear. Obviously the aim is to reach the number one spot for your keywords as this is the result that most users click on first. Whilst this will not happen overnight, you will notice the difference it makes over time when more and more traffic is directed to your website.


A professional-looking website, combined with great SEO and a clever online marketing campaign will ensure that users not only find your business online, but purchase products from you. A great web design requires skill and expertise, so if you want to make the most of your website, it is recommended that you seek the guidance of a professional web designer.

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Three Ways To Use Social Media For Your Small Business

Owning a small business can be tough. And getting the word out about your business can be even tougher. With so many companies popping up, you may feel a little lost in the sea of competitors. As just another “fish in the sea,” you may be feeling the push to improve your business tactics and especially your marketing strategies. It’s probably no surprise to you that the Internet is a fantastic tool for small business owners when it comes to marketing. What better way to gain customers and business “fame” than by going online? Most Americans have access to the Internet almost every day, and individuals are spending countless hours on it each week.

Because of this heavy reliance on the Internet for most Americans, small business owners are smart to utilize it for business needs. More particularly, business owners should get well-connected through social media sites. These sites really help you create and build relationships (which are low-pressure for customers) and can lead to a larger customer base. Here are three ways to successfully use social media sites for your business.

Facebook Page

Is it any surprise to you that creating a Facebook page would be on this list? Probably not. Millions around the world log in to Facebook each and every day. When you create a solid company page, you are inviting others to see what your company has to offer. Individuals can “like” your page, which will show up on their page and news feed. The news feed goes to that individual’s friends, who can then look at the content of your company as well. This is great because your friends and customers are basically doing your marketing for you. Just create the page and let others do the talking for you.

When it comes to your Facebook page, remember to update it regularly. Posting promotions and special offers has been shown to go a long way with potential customers. Also, Facebook is a great way to receive feedback, whether positive or negative, from customers. You can really build your company relationship with these individuals by responding to each post, no matter what the content of their post may be.

YouTube Clips

Another great way to market is through YouTube. Is this suggestion surprising to you? A lot of companies utilize YouTube for various reasons. Some create witty and clever ads that everyone wants to share with friends because they are funny. Others like to create “How-To” segments for their products, perhaps showing how they are supposed to be used or creative ways to use them. And sometimes companies use them for public relation concerns. If something has happened that puts the company in a bad light, it’s not a bad idea to release a statement via YouTube that can reach concerned customers and do a little damage control. Again, social media really is all about building relationships with customers, which can be done through YouTube clips.

Company Blog

And finally, you might want to create a company blog. You can hire a competent writer to keep your blog alive and well, or you can do the writing yourself, if you feel up to the challenge. Blogs of all kinds are online, and their popularity has drastically increased in recent years. You can use blogs in much the same way as Facebook and YouTube. Create weekly giveaways or special offers and post them on your blog. You can also make tutorials and receive comments from customers.

No matter which social media sites you choose to utilize, the important thing is that you do utilize some of them (or even better, all of them!) It’s all about building that positive relationship with potential customers, which can easily and efficiently be done online.